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My name is Natalee,

Puree Earth is the most magnificent health drink that I have ever

used during my 49 years on earth. It taste absolutely fantastic, and

accommodates my many health needs.


Weight loss that works! Scientifically proven facts that Puree Earth works.  The evidence was watching my weight drop 7 pounds in 4 weeks and my sugar and blood pressure did too!

 Mrs. Sandra Putilla 

I drink Puree Earth every morning and every night before bed.  It curves my hunger, gives me the energy to make it through the day and slims nurand tones my mid-section.  Being a nurse, I’m on my feet for 12+ hours a day and after I started drinking Puree Earth I’ve had the stamina to keep powering through the busy day.  It has also helped relieve the pain in my shoulders and back as well as generalized muscle aches and fatigue.  I’ve noticed gains in workout routines as well as benefits with weight loss and weight control. And it tastes good too!

  -- Jared Kisner, RN

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